Fatumas voice concerts at YMCA Mombasa.[Photo courtesy of Fatumas media]
Changez is one of the poets in the world with a passion of passing a message to people be it a family or community.Today there is a poet extravaganza in Mombasa sponsor by (#FatumasVoice) which will be held at kizingo in Mombasa.Artists and other poets from the globe are presenting what they feel is right for people.
Poet has been a good method of eliminating human defilement thoughts in very days.It has contributed to rhyming music famous known as “Spoken word music”.This music is famously known for its rhymical and lyrical nature that attract people.It also has hidden messages as to those who did literature understands.

People who have been on the writing front of giving this “Spoken word music ” in Kenya includes; Rabbit famously known as “KAKA SUNGURA”, Octo Pizzo and other upcoming artists such as Bahati and Changez.

Music is the key moral attribute in the society with people acquiring morals from there televisions especially this generation we call KIZAZI KIPYA.(New generation).Let us get to know about poems and poets in the festival at YMCA grounds Mombasa.Get in touch with fatumasVoice on a facebook page or on the website.

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