Across the beaches in Mombasa, you will find a very vigorous increase in people numbers.Beaches in Mombasa that have experienced the increase are Mombasa beach, Pirates(Jomo Kenyatta public beach) and shelly beach.Hotels also have a good number of tourists.This is both local and internal tourists.

According to the hotel association, they have said that the number of tourists this week were even boosted by the France airline which landed in Mombasa due to terror scare.Hotels across the coastal line this year Christmas eve have a large number of close to 50% increase compared to last year eve.

The three giant ships which docked recently had an impact on the Mombasa economy because the majority of the hotels had to recruit back there employees.This termed as high season, it really high season for hoteliers.

According to the sources, Tourists have trust with the government as the level of terrorism has dropped and still there hopes for next year the level to drop further as security officials tighten security across the borders.

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