Motorcycles which are used to ferry someones wives to the rider homes for s*x.

In Western Kenya motorcycles commonly known as boda-boda has been the talk of the year.In Bungoma town a well-known town in the western region, motorcycles have been a source of family or domestic problems.

Motorcyclists in the area are now on the spot of taking others wives to their homes and have S*x with them.
These allegations came to be true when one of the cyclists found in his house with a woman by the neighbours.He parked the motorcycle outside his house and went in with the lady as the neighbours knew the woman's' husband.One neighbour called the husband to find the truth.The guy came and found the truth that the bodaboda had done.The husband discussed further with the mob which surrounded the house.

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The husband said "it's not the first time to warn my wife against the bodabodas because sometimes they could pick her up even at night.They go with her to her friends place but it seems she was deaf."
The mob requested the bodaboda rider to come out of the house for a peaceful talk.But unfortunately, the alleged snatcher received a thorough beating from the angry neighbours saying that even their daughters are not even safe if the alleged man will be around.

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