A matatu at a stage in Nyali Mombasa.
A matatu in a stage in Mombasa Nyali Area. [Photo : George]

In Mombasa, another allegation in the matatu industry is now on the spot. It's common for the majority of Kenyans use matatu as a mode of transport from one point to the other.Matatu especially 14 passengers are the ones which are commonly used.We all know matatu is only used for transportation.

In Mombasa, there is a different definition and use of Matatus.Especially those from busy sub-town like Bamburi, Mtwapa and Tudor.It was discovered that some matatus carry students all  the day without letting them go to school.Only to make them happy with what drivers and touts get during the day and take those students (especially girls) home during or at the evening.

Now another trend has appeared from those Matatus. People have made Matatus Lodges instead of transportation. Matatus especially from Mtwapa which is the Most Busiest towns in Kilifi county have come to the limelight promoting s*x in the matatus.The sources from Bana Kenya Described how the unethical behavior happens in these matatus.

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One respondent Called Amina but not her real names explained,"Usiku Hua wanabeba watu,kama vile walevi ama watu wa kawaida tu alafu huchukua kiti cha nyuma na hufanya ngono huko nyuma kwa kiti lakini ukieleza Kondakta anakua mkali,Tumeona zikifanyika sana haswa wakati wa likizo na wikendi.Nadhani huwa wanawalipa hao waendeshaji magari." (Translated: "They carry people normally even drinkers and take the back seat and they make love as the matatu goes on but when you ask the conductor about what is happening he gets angry.So I think they pay the conductor or the driver to do such thing. ")

In Nairobi, the same things happened when a minibus was caught by police with students on board making love and using drugs at the same time.The question is which will be safer mode of transport in the future if these activities continue to happen.Check Matatus in your area and see if they have another exclusive habits.

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