Hate speech is common in kenya.

Hon. Moses Kuria being interviewed in citizen television against hate speech.

Many shocking instances are being revealed by people wants peace in the country.  Gatundu M.P Moses Kuria revealed that he wanted more killings in Kisumu and at least injure some police officers from the clan. The long mouthed member of parliament preached hatred over the social media and in public. In an interview with NTV, the honorable member said that for the Hon. Raila Odinga to be taught a lesson more of his colleagues should be killed.

The question that many people are asking about is the whereabouts of the truth and reconciliation commission.The controversial Member of parliament  Hon. Kuria also said that it will be better if  the CORD leader will be detained to reduce bloodshed in the country. The CORD team through their former secretary general prof. Anyang' Ny'ong'o said,"Jubilee government is killing Luo with a passion,they hate them." The government is allegedly given orders to shot and kill the protestors in the Nyanza region and western region respectively who will be against the IEBC.

According to the opposition, the government is also planning and financing people to finish political some of the foot soldiers of the party. The members of parliament who defected from the opposition also were in the for front of revealing the secrets and plans of the opposition to the government in the general elections.

Media promoting hate speech comments from bloggers.
The most shocking and fierce action that the UHU/RUTO government is planning in the core stronghold of the opposition is killing some police officers to justified the illegality of the demonstrations. An email was sent anonymously to the junior police officers in the regions saying that some officers will be "Chamber" for the upcoming Monday Anti IEBC demonstrations in those regions.The police will be used as exhibits to let the opposition know the bad side of the demonstrations. Read the shocking Email in the link below.
(Click this link for the email)

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