Agriculture CS Willy Bett in Mombasa recieving Maize. PHOTO | Courtesy

Kenyans should not be fooled because of few people benefiting from every step an ordinary Kenyan suffer. It is now clear that the cartels have taken over the government and predict the outcome of nature in the country, doing it in order to secure and flourish their businesses.

Now it is noted that cartels control the Oil prices in Kenya. They have managed to convince the Energy regulatory Commission in matters concerning the international oil market.

Because of the government lies and contradictory information, Kenyans have decided to find out own their own. They found the Maize cruise ship path as abnormal. The ship sailed from Australia collects Maize at Mexico drop the Maize in S. Africa last year and collects them again to Kenya. According to the Agriculture CS Willy Bett, the Maize was shipped from Mexico through S.Africa. Later he changed the statement and said the maize was shipped from Mexico a month ago.

The Agriculture PS said the Maize was shipped from S. Africa because they shipped a lot of Maize last year for their country. Mexico imports Maize from U.S as claimed by the Mexican Ambassador to Kenya. The ambassador also denied having a deal with Kenya.

The CS said that Maize was shipped to Kenya by the Jubilee government and he went to the KPA to launch and oversee the freight process. Later, he changed the statement and said the ship was from a private company.

The statements were later seconded by the Deputy President William Ruto claiming that the Maize was shipped by a private miller. The 30, 000 tonnes of Maize allegedly bought at Ksh. 10 Billion is calculated to be Ksh. 20,000 per bag of Maize. More expensive than any other bag of cereal bought in Kenya.

The questions people are asking is how a Cabinet secretary sent to receive goods imported by a private Miller?

How come the millers stored the Maize in S. Africa knowing that the government will lift the ban on Maize importation?

How come there was the same amount of Maize shipped to Kenya in contrast with Chinese donation of 30,000 Tonnes of Maize?

Mexico import Maize from U.S, why the Kenyan government or the Millers did not import directly from U.S?

The Maize flour will be label as Government of Kenya aid. Do GoK products sold in supermarket and retail shops? Something must be smelling and swollen, Kenyans are just waiting for it to burst. The Opposition dubbed the whole maize process as 10 Billion Yellow Maize Scandal.

People say, you can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool all people all the time. Projects that some people from certain regions do not feel and they see it on portals are not realistic.

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