The Mexican government has denied claims that the Kenyan government struck a deal with their country. The Mexican ambassador has denied claims that the government bought yellow maize from Mexico.

Yellow maize docked in Mombasa. PHOTO | courtesy

"We grow yellow maize for our animals to feed not for selling. The yellow maize is not for human consumption whether it's an emergency or not. " Mexican Erasmo Roberto Martinez claimed.

Cartels from Brazil are allegedly exported yellow maize from their country to unknown destination in Africa. According to the Brazilian government, they claim to investigate the destination of the maize.

The Mexican government denied selling Maize to an African country worth 10 Billion. Most Kenyans too have questioned the timing of the purchase of maize from Mexico which arrived into the country on Friday.

China gave food donations on 7th April 2017. Their donations included 21,000 metric tons of Rice and 40,000 metric tons of yellow maize, valued at Kshs 2.25 billion. The maize miraculously appear at the port a day after the law to import duty-free maize is passed, only for the maize to be proven is part of foreign aid from the Chinese to the Kenyan people, that the Kenyan government intends to sell to its Citizens.

The people of Kenya are confused if the yellow maize came to China or Mexico. The only thing that the government needs to clear the air is the source of the yellow maize. The ongoing and the viral news should be cleared as what the opposition claims.

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