An MCA from Kenya found in Italy with no clothes. The MCA went to Italy for Trade and Agriculture benchmarking. According to the AFP, the said leader from Kenya went to benchmark Agriculture and Trade in Milan and Rome.

According to the Italian reporters, the leader went to a hotel where other dignitaries used to stay, only to find himself in the morning in the streets without clothes.

" The only thing I remember is that I went for a short call in one of the restaurants' washrooms in the hotel. I saw a lady who was in a red dress." the MCA said.

The Streets of Milan snapshot. PHOTO | AFP
The Streets of Milan snapshot. PHOTO | AFP

Speculations suggest that he was too drunk or taken to a brothel for a nightstand in Milan. The streets of Milan are considered to be safe for local but dangerous for visitors.

Police in Milan launched investigations. They said to have started looking at the street and hotel cameras to apprehend the culprits.  It is just a year after Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi lost his passport in Rome. Governor Kingi lost his passport on 17th November 2018.

The Kilifi governor was travelling to Italy from Brussels. At the Italian airport, a thief stole his briefcase containing his passport, Laptops, other travelling documents and several valuable items.


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  1. Sasa huyo alienda benchmarking ama alifuata madem?

  2. Si huko ndio Kingi Alipoteza passport? ������������


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