A pastor in Zambia excites women as he claims women demons exist in the Lips. Every month, the pastor secludes one Sunday for Kissing out demons.

In the video footage, the pastor locked lips with a young woman in front of his congregation in a bizarre attempt to cleanse her spirit. 

In video footage of the incident, a gospel minister of an unspecified church in Zimbabwe kisses a woman in a pink dress to 'rid her body off demons' during a sermon, according to local media.

The Pastor is said to hold breasts and locking lips with a female follower for a longer period of time as Other church members cast out demons in devotion.  

"Kissing out demon Sunday" lines the prayer warriors with those who need assistance. They lock lips including their pastor with the opposite gender and suck out the demons.

The Church, however, is said to have gained more followers recently and the pastor is thinking of expanding it.

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