Tomatoes at Kongowea Market. PHOTO | BMS
Tomatoes at Kongowea Market. PHOTO | BMS

Mombasa residents cry over the cost of living. The tough economy in the Ocean city has been contributed by the Government policies. The food prices increase, and commodities have crippled households.

Speaking with the traders in Mombasa main market - Kongowea, the traders claim the increase in prices is due to insufficient supply. The traders say prices of different commodities have doubled and they are forced to double to make a little profit.

" A box of tomatoes that were being sold at Ksh6, 000 in the market a few weeks ago is now trading at Ksh10, 000. A sack of potatoes, on the other hand, is currently retailing atKsh4, 000 up from Ksh2,000 a few weeks ago, " Julius Muthegi, a trader in charge of the tomato section at Kongowea Market.

" We have seen a constant price increase from Tomatoes to Onions and any other food-related commodity. Today a single Tomatoes goes for Ksh 20 or Ksh 30. An onion is trading between Ksh 10-20 same to carrot and Potatoes, " Aisha Salim, a Mombasa resident said.

" For you to make a basic meal will cost you more than Ksh 200 which Ksh 100 is only for the soup. The government should embark on Agriculture and help its people to subsidies food-related products, " she added.

The Prices has inflated only in recent weeks. The suppliers say the problem is brought by Locusts invasion in the farms in the upcountry and tough regulatory laws enacted in Kenya through the importation of such products from the neighbouring countries.

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