Video trending of Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga from Vihiga who is alleged to have defiled minor heats the Internet on Sunday. 

According to his neighbours, the wife had travelled to meet her friends in a Chama at Amalemba. 

The lady trending on social media with her uncle. PHOTO | BMS
The lady trending on social media with her uncle. PHOTO | BMS

Patrick Ayoyi deleted his Facebook account and forgot Twitter. From details on his TL, he is from Sabatia Vihiga and works in Kericho. The 'young girl' in the video is a daughter to his wife's sister.

The leaked tape has been going round while others monetizing it.

The Man works at Kericho books and wholesalers as an accountant. 

After a series of calls in the village, the girl responded on a phone call.

" I'm used to it. He is not the first one. I started it when I was in high school. I followed him and everything was my idea. That's was not the first day. Stop sacrificing him, I admired his hood after I saw him taking bath, " the girl explained.

According to the neighbours, The girl is said to be born in the early 2000s. The majority of social media claim that from the face and her body, she looked minor. The lady looked young than the said age. 

She was working as a maid in Kakamega after finishing high school in 2018. She spent the better part of 2019 in Kakamega working before her bosses travelled. That made her stay in his Aunties' house in Kericho as she looks for another opportunity.

Please find the video here.

Patricks' wife Photo. PHOTO | Courtesy
Patricks' wife Photo. PHOTO | Courtesy

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