Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho
Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho
The Mombasa County government relief and Nutrition distribution project faces a major hitch from the village administrators and elders after a well set up plan revealed. The relief food in conjunction with red-cross stares a major fallout between the residents, village administrators and the county government.


Village elders were tasked to write down the names of the beneficiaries in the county. Latest reports from the residents of the villages in Likoni, Kisauni, Bamburi, Mishomoroni and  Kadzandani indicate that the village elders and administrators have listed their relatives who are in Mombasa and even who are not in Mombasa leaving the needy without help. The main reason is to get abundant food reliefs for their families and relatives.

" I went to a village administrator in Bamburi to list my name on behalf of my family. I was told that the list is full and was not able to add more names. Later I had from the neighbours that the administrator has listed his relatives who went home(Rural), " Racheal Nasimiyu a resident at Bamburi said.

" I have been in the village for over ten years. Only matters like Nets distribution, Vaccine, elections, Filariasis distribution and Census reached to all people in Mombasa but matters to do with relief food, basic needs does not reach the majority but only those who have relatives in the administration, she added.

Nasimiyu is among hundreds of residents who expressed their concern over the method used to reach needy families in Mombasa. They want relief food officials to consider other ways than using the village elders.

" We have been receiving the Polio Vaccine without any problems. The officials move from one door to another leaving marks on the doors. Let them follow the same method. Otherwise, people with disabilities, the poor with no connections and the ones with no administration relatives will be left out, " Charo Kitsao added from Kadzani.


" Governor Hassan Joho started something good to benefit the people of Mombasa in case of a lockdown. Let him create something similar to Sonko rescue team to do that work. The use of village elders and village administrators will flop. It will be more chaotic as already we are witnessing with just writing names. The names are written focussing mainly on the surname, " Abdhalla Bates Mwarua said about the village administrator tasked to write names and resorted to writing the names of their relatives.

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