Sirisia MP John Waluke fraud case ignites the internet
Sirisia MP John Waluke in court. FILE

Sirisia MP John Waluke lawyers beg the court to give a lenient sentence and have mercy on him.  Lawyer Mr Danstan Omari says the legislature has two wives and runs an orphanage in his constituency.

"The court should be lenient to John Waluke because he is an Mp, was a Military man, he saved Moi during the 1982 coup, he is susceptible to COVID-19 due to his age,"

The Lawyers to Sirisia MP John Waluke became comedians. Led by Mr Omari, they urged the court to "forgive" him after he was found guilty of stealing 300 million shillings because he "is a good man who supports orphans."

Mr Danstan Omari said, " Before you,  is a celebrated war veteran, in other jurisdictions war veterans who fought in the army are accorded special consideration. He (John Waluke) evaded bullets and guns to protect this nation. He is before you harmless, crying for mercy, "

Mr Danstan Omari added, " John Waluke is among the vulnerable group of people likely to be affected by COVID-19 if he goes to prison, the risk becomes twice, he is already exposed to serious risk by his age. He should not be condemned to a sure death out of Corona, "

However, the sentencing of Sirisia MP John Waluke and two others in Ksh 313 million fraud submissions and the documents presented by the defence in relation to MP health are all for 2017 and not current, that shows he is healthy.

The MP John Waluke to be sentenced by the Court after being found guilty in Sh313M maize fraud and the prosecution proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

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