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Taxman collects less in the first month of the 2020/21 financial year dwindled by 12.1 per cent to Ksh.94.5 billion from Ksh.107.5 billion last year.

According to the National Treasury report of exact revenues and net exchequer results as of 31 July. Non-tax income soared from Ksh.1.4 billion to Ksh.308.6 billion.

Consolidated ordinary revenue figured to Ksh.95.9 billion or 11 per cent off last year’s insignia of Ksh.107.8 billion.

The depreciation is related to the latest macroeconomic downfall which features a general drop in economic enterprise linked with recent tax considerations by the government.

“Traditionally, the study month has been a stolid month in ordinary revenue mobilization and as such, unhitching the virus force and on the actual turn would be a daunting task,” transcribed analysts at Genghis Capital.

A pessimistic economic environment results in massive jobs fallouts, sacking and company closures, denying the taxman key income rivulets while tax considerations including the lowering of the effective VAT rate further shrivelled its crate.

The consequence of the pandemic and policy reform has been seen in KRA’s annual tax mobilisation efforts to June 2020.

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