President Uhuru Kenyatta at Mazingira Park alias Michuki Memorial park
President Uhuru Kenyatta official opens Michuki Memorial park. PSCU


President Uhuru Kenyatta officially opened the rehabilitated Michuki Memorial Park in Nairobi County on Friday evening.

Famously Mazingira Park was renamed to Michuki Park by the Ministry of Environment in 2012, in honour of the late John Michuki.

The President stated that the park has been restored to its original look and ending criminal movements that have been going on in the park.

“We have moved it from a haven for criminals to a place of serene beauty and peace; from blackening waters of Nairobi river to a swimming destination for ducks and mudfish; and from a lifeless habitat to a life-supporting ecosystem, leading to the re-emergence of birds,” President said.

“We can restore the former glory of our great city of Nairobi, to what was referred to as the “green city in the sun,” he added.

“We are here to affirm that a city is not great because of its lofty and towering brick-and-motor assets. A city is great because its citizens are great, and its environment is great,” he posed.

“But for this to happen, we must admit that we lost the ‘green city in the sun’ because we did not take care of it.”

“We did not enforce the civic responsibility of the citizen to take care of the green spaces. And the citizens of Nairobi city were not organized enough to protect it., " he added.

"Because of this, and the rapid growth of ‘concrete spaces’ over the ‘green spaces’, there was a collapse of civic order and national duty in the city," he said.

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