Law Society of Kenya(LSK)  President Nelson Havi photo
Law Society of Kenya(LSK) President Nelson Havi. FILE


Fight and drama ensued the Law Society of Kenya(LSK) during the special general meeting(SGS) to iron out fights within the entity.

The meeting on Monday was accompanied by blows from the Members as the meeting proceed. 

It all ended in the resignation of one of the council members Roseline Odede.

She told the gathering that being in the society's council was emotionally draining and frustrating.

Each faction set to outfox each other with one led by its President Nelson Havi.

Another group aligned to the eight council members attended mainly online.

Only a few turned up physically.

Havi's group, comprising mainly of young lawyers, took charge of the meeting, shouting down any voice contradicting or perceived to be opposing him.

Snr Roseline Odede resigned from the LSK Council, asks that the rest of the Council members follow suit. 

Most members proposed that LSK membership gets a Caretaker Committee to run the affairs of the law society.

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