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Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria. FILE


Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on the tackle with media personality Gerald Bitok said the government has impoverished its citizens by using their cash to pay themselves salaries.

" In Kenya, there are 50 Million people and only less than 1 million people work in Government. The country's revenue income is almost Sh 2 Trillion. Now, half of the revenue is used for salaries and other recurrent expenditure, " he said.

" That means 49 million people wake up every morning to work for less than a million people why at the end they get nothing, " he added.

" 49 million Kenyans wake up every morning to go and work to pay lump sums to a handful (1m) of civil servants. Recurrent expenditures show that much of the Kenya revenue is used to pay salaries to the government servants, " he added.

On the hustler nation narrative, he explains what the movement vision is.

" The Hustler movement is all about fighting for the rights of the oppressed. The so-called dynasties have led us to more sufferings which have resulted in economic backwardness, " he said.

The Gatundu South MP alleged the political bromance and alliance between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga will soon come to an end.

Kuria has been a strong critic of the handshake ever since he shifted allegiance from the president to Deputy President William Ruto.

"This is like a man who is running after your father for a title. Raila is trying to snatch a title from President Uhuru Kenyatta, " he said.

"If Uhuru wants to speak to GEMA he should come back to Limuru where his ambitions were endorsed. The Sagana meeting was a gathering to intimidate people with state power, not a community gathering,'' he said.

On matters concerning parliament, MP Moses Kuria explained that it has failed.

" I cannot take a bill to parliament to MPs to reduce salaries. Reasons, few to none will sign it. Another one is, MPs will not debate it and if they will a large number will not come to the chambers, hence it will go nowhere, " he added on the side talks.

"As a parliament, we have failed Kenyans because we have sold to them the romantic story that all is well while it is not, " he added.

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