Ms Fiona Juma died of Covid-19 photo

Ms Fiona Juma died of Covid-19 at Mbagathi Hospital because there was no oxygen or ICU bed for her even after pleading for Oxygen on social media.

Fiona Juma had shared on Facebook desperately pleaded for oxygen.

“If this is my last post, then God, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been there for me ever since I contracted COVID-19. I have been to Mbagathi Hospital, where I have been trying to get oxygen for hours and days. Although I can barely walk nor speak, they are telling me there’s no oxygen completely,” she said.

“I have seen people die right before my eyes; not one or two people. It’s now 3:51 am as I write this…I am kindly requesting any doctors who happen to have oxygen to please help us…PLEASE!!!”

Death News was shared by Ndungu Nyoro who is her close friend. Nyoro recited how Fiona’s health deteriorated quickly.

“Someone sent a passionate appeal yesterday because her oxygen saturation levels were going down at an alarming rate. By evening she was an ICU candidate. Sadly the hospital didn’t have a way of getting her into the ICU. There was no available space everywhere. Eventually, she lost the battle. Heartbreaking. This Covid-19 is messing. Safiri salama rafiki,” Nyoro said.

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