Meru prison warder Edwin Omuse photo

Meru prison warder Edwin Omuse induced an alarm after he vanished with a loaded G-3 gun with an aim of killing Mt. Kenya University student Sandra Njoki.

According to police report, Omuse wanted to kill Njoki who extorted him cash amounting to Ksh.900,000 which he had amassed from a bank loan.

The sorrowful warder from Kangeta GK Prisons picked up a G-3 rifle packed with twenty rounds of live ammunitions before leaving to look for his girlfriend.

He was heard saying that he was leading the way to Thika to kill his kleptomaniac girlfriend who defrauded him the Ksh.900,000 he acquired from a bank loan.

In a bid to save Njoki’s life, detectives from the Special Service Unit flanked by their Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau counterparts, immediately swung into action and managed to track her in her house found at Kisii estate in Thika town.

They quickly moved Njoki to safety and put an ambush in wait for Omose. The Kangeta prison warder arrived at his girlfriend’s house at around 5pm, he used a spare key to gain entry into the house.

Meru prison warder Edwin Omuse photo

Omuse assembled his firearm and made a call to Njoki who is a fourth year student at Mt. Kenya University, asking on her direction. 

The girlfriend is pursuing a course in environmental health, at the university’s main campus in Thika.

The detectives shortly moved in and without firing a single shot, arrested Omosa and regained the firearm loaded with 20 rounds of 7.62 mm caliber, which had been invisible beneath a couch.


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