Kilifi county speaker Jimmy Kahindi..

Getting into the county assembly top seat -speaker of Kilifi county assembly - as a youth, Jimmy Kahindi is determined to save the youth unemployment sinking ship.

70 per cent of our population is made up of the youth which literally would mean that the youth are the essence of our county and country.

 However, the same group have for a lifetime faced intolerable exclusion in the entire discourse of building up our land.

Exclusion in the sense that they've been left out in matters of empowerment.

Factually speaking a 70% of youth cannot all be consumed into formal employment at once.

However, the informal workforce could also absorb a good number reducing the weight and ticking bomb ahead. 

The stringent plan is necessary to create opportunities for the youth to explore in their different ways while at the same time hugely benefitting.

Jimmy Kahindi is about a workable plan for the youth of Kilifi, he is fully aware of the significant implication of having the youth economically improved through availing of the profoundly needed opportunities.

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