Vlogger Esther Kazungu with her husband James Kibunjah photo

Over the weekend, Vlogger Esther Kazungu married the love of her life James Kibunjah in a wedding that sparked mixed reactions online.

The couple was wedded in a ceremony surrounded by friends and family all at a total cost of Ksh60,000.

Taking to his social media, activist Boniface Mwangi who was among the few guests, explained the two love birds had a civil ceremony before having lunch with their loved ones.

Boniface Mwangi wrote, "Dated 6 years. Got married today. Civil marriage, lunch with family and close friends, total cost KES 60,000. Get married for you."

" Stop the peer pressure of expensive weddings. Do you. Love the one you choose, " he added.

That caused a storm online as well as on The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Jalas.

"This is news because number one you own the wedding, you won't have to go to the wedding and say were it not for guests this would have not happened," said Jalas.

Kamene was also impressed and said that if she was to spend the 60K she would do it on a honeymoon.

Vlogger Esther Kazungu with her husband James Kibunjah photo

Jalas further explained that in his boys club, they have an agreement that everyone must always give Sh100,000 whenever one of them is having a wedding ceremony.

"We are 20 of us and so we contribute Sh2M and whatever someone wants to do with it it is upon them but one shouldn't get in debt because of a wedding," he said.

Jalas who newly announced that he plans to hold a white wedding in future said he doesn't contribute towards wedding plans.

"Things I don't changia for are harusi and pregnancy because you've seen your baby growing na uko na 9 months ya kujipanga. Ya ndoa sichangii juu sitaenjoy bibi yako," said Jalas.

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