Singer Willy Paul with Nancy Kerubo photo

Ruth Kerubo who condemned controversial singer Willy Paul for impregnating her abandons her baby escaped to an unknown destination.

Ruth Kerubo caused a storm on social media earlier this year when she implicated Willy Paul in sleeping with her and dumping her.

Kerubo added that the singer pledged to take care of her and the unborn baby only to disappear after all.

Singer Willy Paul with Nancy Kerubo photo

”So I have pregnancy for Willy Paul since December and he vowed that he will take commitments of his baby and I agreed to keep a secret but since he began ignoring me. He asked to sleep with me for the second time and I refused. So he told me not to ever look for him. He has blocked me,” said Ruth Kerubo.

Willy Paul had Ruth arrested for fabricating her unborn child’s paternity saying she was only damaging his status because she was unknown to him.

Before clearing Willy Paul’s name, Ruth was booked for defamation only to be released later on a police-free bond without any charges.

“They wanted cash bail, I didn’t have money so I don’t know why I was released because it got to a point I was released,” said Ruth.

Singer Willy Paul with Nancy Kerubo photo

Willy Paul took a legal route to clear his name.

Ruth’s friend identified as Marion uncovered that she dumped her baby with her before she escaped to an unknown destination. 

According to Marion, she opened her doors to include Ruth in her house as she had nowhere to go after giving birth after being denounced by her parents.

Marion gave Ruth shelter in her house only for her to leave her baby in the house and vanish without a trace.

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