Coastal parties coming together at the Naivasha meeting.

Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) linked to Kilifi Governor Amadon Kingi kicked out of the talks of forming a coastal based alliance that will see over 7 parties coming together ahead of the 2022 elections.

Umoja Summit Party of Kenya(USPK) Secretary-General Madam Naomi Cidi together with other officials meet in Rift Valley in a bid to come up with a political alliance.

At the Political Parties Liaison Committee meeting at Great Rift Lodge in Naivasha, they also discussed matters touching on the Legal Reforms from the Electoral body towards the 2022 General Election.

Others in attendance were Jimmy Ngala of Kadu Asili, Adam Mbetto of Shirikisho Party, Benedict Wachira of Communist Party of Kenya among others.

They also talked about the Role of Political Parties towards peaceful elections and ways of resolving conflict before, during and after the General Elections as a coalition.

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