Why Jacky Matubia took photo to expose her baby daddy at a dinner date
actress Jackie Matubia excites fans photot

Milly Chebbys birthday feast was an outstanding moment for actress Jackie Matubia to moderately disclose her baby daddy to her fans.

Jackie said that she and her date were chilling with Milly for her 35th birthday.

Jackie captioned a video ‘Date night Monday’. 

Milly thanked Jackie for the friendship saying,  "God you know how much I wished intentional friendship. Thank you Jackie Matubia and bae and your bae. My heart is full.I pray to be that good friend to you.Happy to me."

Milly was trailed by fans that she should rather share his picture because Jackie had rejected. 

Milly reacted by sharing screenshots of grievances "sasa picha ya mtu wa Jackie ni kitu ya kuficha watu january saa Chebby unafanya tukose chai kwani shuarry"

actress Jackie Matubia excites fans photot

Milly laughed "You guys will finish me. Jckie Matubia unaweka watu"

Jackie conveyed the funny statements saying "kueni wa pole chai nitawapa mimi mweneywe very soon."

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