NPS punishes a Police officer who forced himself into a private car

The National Police Service vehicle with Police officer who forced into public car

The National Police Service has taken action against a traffic officer who was seen on a footage pushing his way into a vehicle through a window.

A police officer patrolling the GPO roundabout along Kenyatta Avenue was seen in a heated confrontation with a motorist driving a saloon vehicle in the Nairobi Central Business District in the video footage, which was taken live by a Citizen TV team on Wednesday, March 30. (CBD).

After a few minutes, the traffic officer is seen taking a step back, removing his cap, and forcing his left foot through a window, the driver's gaining admission to the car without concern for the passenger in the passenger seat.


Police entering a car through a window

During the incident, which produced a brief traffic bottleneck, the officer pushed his way inside the car and drove it to Central Police Station, while the driver escaped on foot.

The event drew widespread outrage online, with netizens blasting the officer and casting a negative light on the whole police force.

The police service denounced the event in a statement published Wednesday evening, stating they had identified the irresponsible officer and had taken appropriate disciplinary action against him.

"The National Police Service has taken note of an incident that has been spreading on social media, in which a police officer on traffic duty was filmed pushing himself into a private vehicle," according to the statement.

Police entering a car through a window  and fighting

"The alleged officer has been positively identified and is facing disciplinary action," the National Police Service stated in a statement (NPS).

They also asked the officers to conduct themselves with dignity and professionalism while taking their responsibilities.

"We emphasise that individual police officers must carry out their responsibilities in a professional, diligent, and disciplined manner," the NPS stated.

The viral video elicited diverse reactions from netizens and Kenyans, with some demanding action against the police.


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