Best and cheapest web hosting services for websites in Kenya

Web hosting is a web-based service that lets you or your company publish your website or web applications on the World Wide Web for everyone to see.

A web host makes space on a web server available for a website's data to be stored. 

These solutions prove useful with essential payments because you have hired room on special computers known as servers to hold the important data for your online platform to run.

Characteristics of a Good Web hosting firm;

  • Uptime: This is the timeframe that your website is available to the public on the internet.
  • Cyber Security: When it comes to protecting your website and web apps, you should choose a provider that uses industry-standard security methods.
  • To avoid losing website visitors, a hosting firm should make sure that the system has the fastest page load speed possible.
  • Tech Service: Choosing a reputable hosting business that will provide you with all of the essential resources and skills is critical.

1. Deep Africa hosting company

Is a very well domain and hosting provider that operates around the clock. Also, DeepAfrica offers other solutions such as digital marketing and web development.

Below there are some of DeepAfrica's hosting plans:

Kwanza 3.0 version

This is DeepAfrica's most affordable plan.

The following resources have been allocated:

  • 1 website, unlimited web space, bandwidth and email accounts, 10 GB of email storage, and other features are included.
  • The annual fee is Ksh.3,364.

Kwanza Plus v3.0 

  • The bundle includes hosting for two websites, 12 GB of email storage, unlimited email accounts, and a webspace.
  • Ksh.6,910 is the annual charge.

Pili Version 4.0 

This is the most widely used strategy among viral blogs. 

  • 5 websites to host, 
  • 15 GB of email storage, and limitless email

2. TrueHost Domain hosting

To protect their consumers, TrueHost provides honesty in the delivery of their services from secure servers.

TrueHost Silver is a hosting package

  • It includes 30 GB of storage,
  •  unlimited email accounts, 
  • unlimited bandwidth, 
  • Wordpress+400 CMS, 
  • free Let's Encrypt SSL, 
  • daily website backup, and
  •  hosting for up to three websites.
  • Annually, the package costs Ksh.1,499

TrueHost Gold is a hosting package 

  • It includes 50 GB of webspace.
  • Up to 30 websites can be hosted with unlimited email accounts, 
  • unlimited bandwidth, 
  • Wordpress+400 CMS, 
  • free Let's Encrypt SSL, 
  • daily website backup.
  • The plan is priced at Ksh. 3,499 per year.

Platinum Hosting Package from TrueHost

  • It includes 90 GB of webspace.
  • Unlimited email accounts, 
  • unlimited bandwidth, 
  • Wordpress+400 CMS, 
  • free Let's Encrypt SSL,
  •  daily website backup, and 
  • unlimited web hosting is all included.
  • The plan is priced at Ksh. 9499

Unlimited hosting package

  • It comes with unlimited webspace,
  • Unlimited Email accounts,
  • Unlimited Bandwidth,
  • Word press+400 CMS,
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL,
  • Daily Website Backup and
  • unlimited website hosting.
  • The plan costs Ksh.14,499 

3. Kenya Website Experts

They deliver Web hosting, domain registration, bulk SMS, and web design.

Kenya Website Experts offers good customer care service.

Starter Hosting Plan

  • Ideal for small websites and blogs
  • It costs Ksh.3,100 per year.

Standard Hosting Plan

  • Good for a wide range of websites.
  • It costs Ksh.7,100 per year.

Bronze Hosting Plan

  •  Designed for busy websites.
  • It costs Ksh.10,100 per year.

      Gold Hosting Plan

  • Designed heaviest traffic websites.
  • It costs Ksh.25,100 per year.

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