Maryanne Chebet Kitany talks about marrying another man

Despite two failed previous marriages, former Deputy President William Ruto's Chief of Staff Maryanne Chebet Kitany now says she is still ready for third marriage.

Kitany, who will run for Aldai's parliamentary seat on a UDA ticket in the August elections, says her speciality areas are in geopolitics, but she will not turn down another shot at happiness if it comes her way.

"For myself and the people of Aldai, I am still youthful and full of enthusiasm." Without a doubt, no one can predict what the future contains. If the opportunity arises, I will take it. But, for the time being, let us cross the bridge when we arrive," Kitany told the Nation.

Kitany appeared to suggest that it takes longer for women to remarry because, in her opinion, women are more attached to their engagements and the offspring they have throughout their marriages than males.

"Probably the most disgusting case scenario to anyone, including males, is to have a failed marriage." It upsets a woman even more because a man can easily remarry. "I was very dedicated to my two marriages," she added, "but things didn't work out, not because of my own doing, but because of situations beyond my disposal."

Kitany was previously married to another guy whom she met while working at KCB bank before her much-publicized failed marriage with Meru Senator Mithika Linturi.

Kitany noted that her failed marriages have been used by dissenters to depict her in a negative light, including incumbent Aldai MP Cornelly Serem, whom she defeated in earlier UDA primaries, but this has never stopped her from advancing her political ambitions.

"The incumbent was exploiting my marital problems against me in his campaign." He claimed that I had been married to nine men, but the good news is that his deception did not work in his favour because the public was aware of my capabilities, which is why I defeated him," she explained.

"I want to be the Aldai MP not because I want a job, but because I want to improve the constituency. All I want to do is help my people in the area." She said.

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