Finance office Samuel Njoroge Kariuki at ministry of environment photo

The bank account of a public officer at the Ministry of Environment who is accused of fraudulently obtaining public cash worth millions of shillings has been frozen by the High Court.

According to early investigations by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Samuel Njoroge Kariuki's net cash flow is Ksh.22 million, which does not reflect his salary, implying that the cash in the account were gained through corruption.

According to legal papers, Kariuki began working for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in January 2018 as a Finance Officer II in job group K, receiving Ksh.32,000 per month.

Prior to joining the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, he was employed by Save the Children, where he earned a net income of Ksh.27,000.

"That, in addition to his salary, the respondents got a total of Ksh.79,763,944 from his employer, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry." "reads the court documents

According to EACC, the respondent's bank account contained a balance of Ksh.22, 467,999 as of the day of the enforcement of the warrants, which had not been used.

He received an imprest of Ksh.3.9 million for the purchase of snacks between March 2019 and March 2022.

"Investigations revealed that public funds intended for the purchase of snacks on February 2nd and February 5th, 2021, were irregularly acquired and used, "The court records are read.

"The Commission's findings have raised reasonable suspicion that considering the respondent's salary, the credits into his bank account are disproportionate to his known legitimate known sources of income, and could have been obtained through corrupt conduct."

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