He was my missing rib, his ex was wasting my husband's time -Connie Kabbary
Connie Kabbary said she adored Dola Kabbary even when both were married. Photo

Connie said she adored Dola and jumped at the chance to work with her but not her husband's snatcher.

The business lady denied the charges in an interview with a local YouTuber, claiming that she was the real wife of the Benga musician.

Connie Kabarry, the wife of musician Dola Kabarry, has addressed allegations that she is a husband grabber.

Connie Kabbary said she adored Dola Kabbary even when both were still married.

"Keep your nice spouse if God blesses you with one, for some of us long for him. I adored Dola and approached him whenever I had the opportunity "she added.

Connie stated that their marriage was a match made in heaven and that it had only been postponed slightly.

She explained that the person who was married to Dola was simply warming up the position for her and that her ex-relationship was similarly a pointless exercise.

"Dola came into my life at the perfect time. Dola was my right combination, and I'm not a husband grabber. 

"I was his missing rib, and the woman who was married to him was wasting my husband's time by pretending to be his partner. My ex-lover was a complete waste of time. Dola is my husband's name "she said.

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