Is Indomie noodles poisonous? Yes. In Kenya.

Following fears of harmful variations in Kenya, the Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) has issued a warning to Kenyans about over-consuming Indomie.

Some of the poisonous Indomie in the country, per the COFEK, is claimed to contain aflatoxins, making it unsafe for human nutrition.

Is Indomie noodles poisonous? Yes. In Kenya.

As a result, the federation has urged all market customers to hold off on purchasing the product until the appropriate testing have been completed by appropriate authorities.

“We advise consumers to refrain from either consuming and or purchasing any imported Indomie until necessary verification is conducted by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and other relevant agencies,” COFEK said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Those who may have purchased Indomie are requested to ensure samples are tested incredible laboratories before consumption,” added the report.

Is Indomie noodles poisonous? Yes. In Kenya.

“We urge all responsible supermarkets and other retailers of Indomie to voluntarily get the product off the shelf for a couple of weeks as tests are conducted.”

“We urge KEBS to demonstrate some level of urgency and decisiveness in condemning suspected contaminated food. "

"We do not agree necessarily that same product genuinely or deceptively labelled to have been imported from a different country other than the confirmed ones would be safe,” read the report.

“The case of the Kinder Joy remains a case in point. Consumers should exercise extreme discretion before consumption.”

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