Kisumu chief caught red-handed chewing local school head teachers' wife in classsroom
Kisumu chief captured red-handed chewing on a primary school teacher,

On Friday, May 27, a Kisumu chief was captured red-handed chewing on a primary school teacher, the wife of the school's headteacher, next to classroom locked doors.

Onyango, a civil servant, is alleged to have had his eye on the teacher who leads a top elementary school in the city.

The chief was spotted jumping off the school's fence, which is near his office, per an eyewitness.

The eyewitness claimed that he had no idea if this bizarre scenario would arise because he assumed the chief was attending to his responsibilities at the school.

Kisumu chief captured red-handed chewing on a primary school teacher,

"I could see two people leaning against the classroom walls from afar," he claimed.

He stated that he felt compelled to approach the school because it was a Sunday and the students were at home.

"On Sundays, save for the teacher on duty and sometimes the headteacher, no teachers or students attend school. I couldn't imagine finding the area chief and the school teacher entangled," stated the witness.

He went on to say that by the time the school neighbour arrived, the two lovers had collided while attempting to separate themselves.

He claimed that as soon as he arrived on the scene, the two began calling for help.

“Nisamehe. Watoto watatupata hapa asubuhi, uuuuwi niokoeni. Boda boda operators arrived immediately but it turned out that several of them knew the two love birds' families," he further stated.

One of the operators was overheard saying that he had carried the head teacher's spouse to a witch doctor who he felt was responsible for his wife being locked.

“He ordered everyone to be cleared from the scene after he helped carry them inside one of the classrooms.”

When the head teacher's husband appeared on the scene, the two were split.

According to another eyewitness, the chief was heard begging pardon from the head teacher's husband and pledging not to do it again.

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