Police handcuffs in Kenya

On June 28, a Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officer was put in jail for having handcuffs without permission.

Humphrey Amos Ong'any was detained when a vehicle wash employee discovered handcuffs on the co-drivers' seat.

Humphrey found shackles beneath the co-seat driver's mat while washing his black Noah. According to a police report, police hurried to the scene and arrested the motorist.

Humphrey said he was a navy officer at Mtongwe, but officers found out he was actually a KDF officer who had quit.

The suspect was delivered to military personnel for further action.

Another incident, also reported, involved a senior police officer.

In Mlango Kubwa, Starehe sub-county, a police officer was attacked with a kitchen knife by a person who was thought to be a thief.

Three males with kitchen knives robbed two women on their way home, according to police.

The police urged the man to surrender, but he charged them, causing them to shoot him.

"On patrol, police saw three criminals with kitchen knives rob a woman and her two companions.

"They ordered the suspect to surrender, but he disobeyed them and pulled a knife and rushed at them," the police report said.

Two phones, Ksh430, and a kitchen knife were in the stolen purse.

The body was transferred to City Mortuary for autopsy.

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