Freemasonry is good, Gor Mahia boss Ambrose Rachier expose details of his freemasonry membership
Ambrose Rachier Freemasonry membership expose

The largest and oldest secret fraternal organization in the world is freemasonry. It connects men with various personalities and racial origins.

The community engages in activities, rituals, fellowship, teachings, and practices that are hidden from the broader public.

The cult first appeared in England in 1717, and over the years it spread to other countries around the globe.

Many people in Kenya, including priests, legislators, doctors, judges, successful businesspeople, teachers, and bankers, have been implicated in the secret society. In Mombasa, Nairobi, Naivasha, Kisumu, Nyeri, and Kiambu, there are freemasons' halls.

Some people want to keep their Freemasonry affiliation a private affair, while others, like Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier, have come forward to admit they are part of the covert group.

This Weekend, Rachier will speak openly about Freemasons in the nation in an interview with NTV's Dancun Khaemba.

Rachier claims in the interview trailer that the secret group is not centred on any one faith.

" Freemasonry is a group to which you must be recruited by a person you know.

"There are Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists; it is not based on any one faith. We don't mention Jesus Christ during meetings, " he stated.

Rachier claims he has no regrets about joining the cult and that his family is fully aware of his membership.

He contends that they all have a specific dress code and drive to their meeting locations. He continues by pointing out that the members are divided into tiers such that people at the bottom level are unaware of what is happening at the highest level.

" If you are a low-level person, I won't inform you about those secrets that we have. Even the second level's events are kept a secret," he added.


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