Ali Badi Chumvi, also known as Swaleh Hussein photos


A man was given a two-year prison sentence for stealing a metallic pole from the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) that was worth Ksh30,000.

Ali Badi Chumvi, also known as Swaleh Hussein, was found guilty after entering a guilty plea in front of Mombasa High Court Judge Mutuku.

He also said that he had been in prison for eight months before for stealing from and damaging an SGR line.

"A guy who stole an SGR metallic pole worth Sh30,000 was sentenced to two years in prison by a Mombasa court. Ali Badi Chumvi, also known as Swaleh Hussein, admitted culpability and said he had previously served an 8-month sentence for stealing and vandalizing SGR lines, " The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions' (ODPP) statement is fragmentary.

Justice Mutuku said over and over again that the accused's actions put the safety of the SGR at risk and that he did not feel sorry.

Boniface Ngonda, who was charged along with Chumvi, pleaded not guilty and was set free on a Ksh200,000 bond with one surety or Ksh100,000 cash bail.


On November 29, 2022, the matter will be brought up for pre-trial.

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