Samidoh and Karen Nyamu conflict resurfaces after Bernice Saroni response


The fight between Samidoh and Karen Nyamu began when the newly elected senator attacked Bernice Saroni, who was supposed to be Samidoh's assistant in the US.


During his US tour, Samidoh, the father of Karen Nyamu's child, is staying with Bernice. The artist and the curvaceous American woman, on the other hand, have sparked questions with their conduct, leading some internet users to believe they could be dating.


After a supporter named Eunice Shaisha advised Nyamu not to focus on what was being said about the US-based woman and Samidoh on social media as long as he was paying the bills, Nyamu launched a direct attack at Bernice.

"You should cover your ears since you will be hearing more and more rubbish, my beloved sister. As long as cheza kama wewe is paying the bills," Eunice Shaisha wrote.

Karen Nyamu attacked Bernice in response to Shaisha. She said that partygoers in the US had come to Samidoh's shows to see Bernice's huge booty.

That knowledge is both delicious and fine. People from the USA came out in large numbers to visit Bernice, who has significant assets, and to take in the Mugiithi. "Additionally, take pictures and give them back to me," Karen Nyamu said.

Bernice thought it was smart of her to retaliate for Karen Nyamu's assault.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu conflict resurfaces after Bernice Saroni response

The mother of four said that because she was brought up to be a peacemaker, she would only be content to stand by while she was derided.

She then added a motivating Bible quote.

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