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I don't think anything compares to Janeson Institute when it comes to training photography. For example, would you trust someone to teach you business management if they don't own a business? I bet not.

I will give you a reason to trust Janeson Institute. Janeson has been ranked the best digital media company in Kenya, dominating the photography and videography industry for more than eight years now. 

We established Janeson Institute intending to transfer skills and the secrets of excelling in the industry. As we all know, there are two main phases in any skill. 

The learning bit and monetizing your skills bit. Janeson will help you excel in both. Our trainers are successful photographers who teach what they practice.

We offer a short photography course. You will learn several things that will jumpstart your career in the photography industry. See the breakdown below:

  • Introduction to camera work
  • Composition
  • Understanding lenses, focal length
  • The art of photography- Aperture and shutter speed
  • Lighting in photography
  • Exposure
  • Metering modes
  • Understanding Pixels, resolution, and file backups
  • Creative photo editing

Above are the practical aspects of the course. We also teach you soft skills because, throughout your career, you will be working with people. You must have people skills. 

Janeson institute

You will get to attend events where we offer photography services to improve your hard and soft skills. You will learn photography is quite demanding. It is late nights and early mornings (4 AM calls are not rare), but it is fulfilling and rewarding money-wise.

By the time you finish the course, you'll have real-world photography experience and a portfolio of work to show off. You will even have some quality networks in the industry.

  • Tips for standing out as a professional photographer
  • Practice people skills
  • Keep evolving your craft.
  • Have an Idea for details.
  • Always think outside the box.
  • Put yourself out there. Network.

Qualifications: Passion and eagerness to learn.

Duration: 3 months

School Fees: 16500 per month

In the digital age, photography is more important than ever. For those who want to make it a career, it is paramount you learn from the best, Janeson institute.

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