Food to South Sudan shipment

The instruction to increase the amount of food that is sent to the unstable South Sudan came from the country's President William Ruto on Saturday.

The president has said that this decision is being made because the fighting between the different groups in the states of Upper Nile and Jonglei has gotten worse, leaving families, especially women and children, in desperate need of water, food, shelter, and medical help.

In a statement that was released on Saturday, President William Ruto stated, "Conscious of the consequent humanitarian crisis and in the spirit of good neighbourliness and the ethos of this season, I have requested that a supply of foodstuffs and necessary medical supplies be promptly flown to the Upper Nile and Jonglei States."

After sending a similar shipment on November 25, Kenya is sending a second shipment of food and medical supplies to South Sudan.

The fighting between opposing military groups in the two states has started up again, which has made things even more unstable and caused hundreds of families to be uprooted.

In the meantime, President William Ruto has asked the rest of the world to step in and help stop the violence in South Sudan from getting worse.

The President has said that if the conflict keeps getting worse, there is a chance that the Revitalized Agreement for the Resolution of the Situation in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) will not be put into place.

Ruto made a statement in which he said, "As a neighbour and grantor of the South Sudan Peace Process, I, on behalf of Kenya, bring these concerning developments to the attention of the wider international community and call for a focused and immediate intervention geared toward de-escalation, peaceful resolution, and coexistence among the parties involved."

The government of South Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Army in Opposition, which is the official name of the opposing forces, have been fighting for control of the two territories.

After the R-ARCSS was signed, there were high hopes for peace and stability in the area. However, in the last few decades, hostile acts have become more common and more dangerous.

Ruto stated that he had a conversation with President Salva Kiir on Saturday and asked him to engage all involved parties with the goal of rescuing the country from the precipice of war and guiding the country back to the path of peace as envisioned under the R-ARCSS. Ruto's statement was made public on Sunday.

"I also urged His Excellency General Salva Kiir Mayardit to permit the delivery of humanitarian aid to the conflict-affected villages. " 

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