President William Ruto scorecard in first 100 days
President William Ruto.

A recent report from InfoTrak says that after 100 days in office, President William Ruto has a score that is just a little bit higher than the national average for helping Kenyans.


The president had an approval rating that was, on average, 52.1% in all 12 categories that were surveyed.


Kenyans gave the President a score of 59.9% for his decision to move port operations from Naivasha to Mombasa. 



However, they gave him a score of 57.29% for his decision to nominate six judges that his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, had rejected.


Kenyans gave the president approval ratings of 55.8, 55.3, and 52.9 percent for his promise to start financial inclusion by setting up the Ksh50 billion Hustler Fund, giving more money to county governments to help them with economic projects they choose, and increasing tax collection through technology.


Kenyans who were interviewed also gave Ruto scores of 54.5, 53.6, 52.5, and 52.4 percent on the topics of reforming institutions that deal with justice, law, and order; creating a women's rights agency in the office of the president; putting the two-thirds gender rule into effect; and appointing women to high positions in the public sector in a fair way.


The President obtained approval scores of 49.6, 42.0, and 39.6%, respectively, when it came to improving the lives of low-income earners, decreasing the cost of living, and making food inexpensive and accessible to Kenyans.


CATIs, or computer-assisted telephone interviews, were used to talk to 840 people who took part in the study.


The study was carried out between December 21 and December 25, 2022.


"The poll was conducted in all 8 regions of Kenya and 47 of the country's counties. The distribution of the survey sample throughout the regions in Kenya was proportionally distributed to ensure that the results were representative of the adult population of Kenya. "


According to the findings of the study, "as a result, the Rift Valley area grabbed the biggest sample size, while the North Eastern region took the least." 

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