Doreen Nasasira from Uganda photo

Doreen Nasasira, a woman from Uganda, has declared her desire to quit the relationship since she never genuinely loved her spouse.

Doreen claims that she is essentially dating this man because she feels sorry for him because of his sincerity and good nature.

She claims that ever since they started dating three years ago, he has been covering her rent. She said that while he wanted to marry her, she was not interested.

Doreen spoke about her situation on Twitter, explaining that although her boyfriend is a lovely guy, she has found it difficult to love him since he is not the sort she prefers.

"I've been dating my partner for three years," Doreen wrote.

"He pays my rent, food etc and is kind. Although he is discussing getting married, the reality is that I have failed to love him. Additionally, he's not my type, but I started a relationship with him anyway because of his good nature. However, I now want to end this relationship. Help me out, please."


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  1. When he was sacrificing all he had for you why didn't u think so .u so stupid.and have a bad heart God will pay u in your children one day.

  2. It's really bad how am only 24 years done wit university am working but am so scared of love u k ow how u pretended all this time why didn't u tell him now u are well off u can do everything


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What is your say on this

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