Esther Musila, Guardian Angel's wife, recently spoke about what 2022 holds for her.

With the tagline "2022 lessons," Esther uploaded a picture of herself at her wedding to gospel musician Guardian Angel.

She continued the piece by highlighting the most important lesson the year had taught her.

"This year, I realised I should give up attempting to be someone I'm not," began the 52-year-old businesswoman.

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel photo


Esther continued, realising that dimming one's own light does not benefit anybody and is, most importantly, a burden to bear.

"Showing my true colours would make me happy and enable me to recognise the individuals who really love me," Esther concluded.

She said, "I have learned that there is no other place to go except ahead.


" This year has taught me not to dwell in the past. I am unable to go back in time and start again, but I am able to start now and create a whole different conclusion.

She first spoke about the severe cyberbullying she had experienced five months ago.

She often mentioned how social media trolls had caused her to lose it.
The mother of three claims that before dating Guardian Angel, who was already well-known, she was a solitary person.

"I'd say it was challenging. I started to question at some point whether that was the aim of the spotlight was the aim of the spotlight.


 "I was so protected because I didn't want to expose myself to the public and I was a private person," she added.

"Being in this position right now, where I have to put up with taunts and everyone, including those who don't know me, is out to get me, She said, "I once found myself in a room with the Guardian, wondering whether I had offended anybody."

A lot of people have criticised their relationship because of their 20-year age gap. People also did not want her get pregnant for her lover.

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