Geoffrey Mwangi NHIF boss photo


The allegations of bribery totaling Sh1.1 billion that had been brought against Geoffrey Mwangi, a former National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) boss, have been dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions.


This new outcome comes as corruption accusations brought against a variety of high-ranking government officials under the administration of the previous president, Uhuru Kenyatta, continue to be dismissed by the courts.


Because there was not enough proof to back up the allegations, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) dismissed the corruption case that had been initiated against Mr. Mwangi. 



The charges arose from a contract that was issued to an online payment firm called Webtribe Limited.


The decision to drop the charges against the accused was made in accordance with the provisions of Section 87(a) of the Criminal Process Law, which states that a public prosecutor may drop charges against an accused person at any point until the final judgment is handed down.


After careful consideration and assessment of the allegations made against Mr. Mwangi, the Deputy President said that he had made the decision to drop all eight of the criminal charges against Mr. Mwangi, which were founded on an improper procurement procedure, abuse of office, and fraud. The investigation began in 2018.

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