Standard Street Nairobi

On Monday, January 9, 2023, the police apprehended four of their own colleagues who tried to rob two individuals who had just taken a total of two million Kenyan shillings out of the bank.

Hassan Omar, who worked for Afro Forex Bureau, and Mohammed Hassan, who went to the Absa bank on Mama Ngina street at 11 a.m. on Monday to take out Ksh2 million in cash, were targeted by four corrupt police officers, according to a report from the police.

While Omar and Hassan were walking along Standard Street, approximately twenty metres away from the Afro Forex bureau, they were confronted by four men who pretended to be police officers.

The men told Omar and Hassan that they were looking for a person named Mohammed Hassan who was carrying the bag containing the money.

The two guys were informed by the four police officers that Hassan was sought for an offence that the officers did not reveal to them.

Hassan Omar raised an alarm, which caught the attention of the nearby security guards and the people from the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU), who were watching the Dahabshil Forex Bureau.

When they got there quickly, a security guard from Afro Forex Bureau and the manager quickly took the bag with the money in it and brought it to the forex bureau to keep it safe.

The two men, Hassan Omar and Mohammed Hassan, were taken into custody by the four rogue cops, who were driving a white Toyota Premio with the licence plate number KBZ 036B at the time of their arrest.

The four people pretended that they were taking the two people to the DCI's headquarters.


After some time had passed, the proprietors of the currency bureau went to the police and reported what had happened.

Because of this, the police were able to find the car and the people inside it in Muthaiga.

The four crooked police officers were subsequently identified as follows: S/N 49743 Sgt. Daniel Wambua, C/O DCI Kasarani; S/N 76984 Pc. Stanley Mohammed Gitonga of DCI Kasarani; and S/N 240656 Cpl. Eliud Bor, who was attached to the Kenyan union office at Gigiri as a security officer SGB. All four officers were assigned to DCI Kasarani.

Later, it was found that Sgt. Nicholas Murira, who works at the Mugutha police station in the Juja sub-county, was at the scene with the other three suspects, but he wasn't in the car when he was arrested.


After they were caught, the corrupt officials were taken to the DCI headquarters in the Nairobi region to be questioned. They were then sent to the Sub-County Criminal Investigations Officer (SCCIO) Central for more punishment.


During the search of the rogue officers, a Jericho pistol with a serial number of 40305526 and 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition were found on Sgt. Wambua, and a Gillboa with a serial number of kn-0387 and 14 rounds of 9mm ammunition were found on PC Gitonga. These were both 9 mm weapons.


It was discovered that Sgt. Wambua was in possession of a pocket phone manufactured by Huawei with the model number 173103001 and the IMEI number 864106020058871.

The corrupt police officers were all arrested for the crime of attempting to commit a robbery while armed with a weapon. 


The motor vehicle that they were driving is now being held at the regional police headquarters in the area around Nairobi. 

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