Are Sh 600 home DNA test kits accurate?

On social media, Kenyans have expressed their delight at the recently released DNA home test kits that may be used to identify a child's paternity. These kits can be purchased online.

People will be able to learn about their genetic make-up and lineage by using DNA home test kits.


This information will include paternity, maternity, siblings, twins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles.

It is anticipated that each kit would cost a total of Ksh 600. Because of the low cost, there has been a frenzy on social media as a growing number of fathers have shown interest in establishing their paternity with their children.

However, consumers have not been informed that there is a hidden tax associated with the purchase of DNA home test kits.

The Ksh600 price tag is exclusively for the DNA home test kits. Laboratory tests will still need a separate payment from the patient.

This kit is used to capture genetic information, which then has to be analysed in a laboratory in order to receive the full facts that one is looking for, whether it be paternity, maternity, or anything else.

The majority of establishments that provide professional DNA tests charge between Ksh10,000 and Ksh30,000 per individual for their services related to genetic testing.

What you need to know on Home DNA testing kits

The at-home DNA test kit consists of two swabs in total. The procedure consists of using one swab to massage the inside of one's cheek for twenty seconds, and then using the other swab to repeat the procedure on the other side of the cheek.

People should go without eating or drinking for a short time before having a sample of saliva taken from their cheeks.

One has to fill out a form with the needed information that comes with the DNA home test kits.

The at-home test kit comes with a return envelope that is pre-addressed by the manufacturer.

After extracting the saliva sample from the jawline, it is necessary to send in the envelope that contains the completed form along with the two swabs.

After sending the sample kit to the lab that does professional DNA testing, the results should be sent to the email address you wrote on the swab envelope the next day. 

Are home DNA test kits accurate?

 Are home DNA test kits accurate? Yes. When the procedure illustrated careful followed it provides accurately results.

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