Ezekiel Machogu Education cabinet secretary


According to Ezekiel Machogu, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, President William Ruto has authorized interim rules to be utilized in controlling and implementing junior secondary school (JSS) education.

According to the new regulations, a separate subcommittee will be formed by the Board of Administration (BOM) of a primary school that houses the junior secondary school to oversee the management of the school's educational programs and financial resources.


The Chairperson will be a member of the Committee, and the Secretary will be the principal of the primary school where the JSS is located.


In line with Section 52(a) of the Basic Education Act, BoMs, or Boards of Directors or Trustees, must be established and operationalized at every private JSS (2013).


The principal of the public elementary school that serves as a public JSS's residence during the transitional phase of the transfer, which will end on December 30, 2023, will also serve as its leader.

"The Ministry of Education has re-engineered the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) in order to get ready for better management of educational data."


CS Machogu says that money will be given to public junior secondary schools based on how many students have signed up for NEMIS.


Also, the CS said that all schools would have access to textbooks and printed copies of the Grade 7 Curriculum Designs, and that KNEC would give instructions on how to give evaluations at the JSS level.


Additionally, during the interim year of transition, each incorporated JSS will use the facilities and supplies of the nearby elementary schools.


The Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI), which is part of the Ministry of Education, has created a curriculum and training materials to improve the skills of education managers, including Junior Secondary School Management Boards and school heads, in the areas of governance and accountability in the management of JSS.


The curriculum will be used after the school heads are trained in institutional and instructional leadership.


The Education Ministry will publish a circular with comprehensive instructions for schools the following week, the CS said. 

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