Nyeri County Woman Representative Rahab Mukami photo
Nyeri County Woman Representative Rahab Mukami.

Nyeri County Woman Representative Rahab Mukami has called for a major crackdown on producers of illegal brews and a drug that is being sold in the Nyeri Majengo area known as "Kete."


After consuming the drug, young men in the area are left looking like zombies and are unable to work. Kete is sold in the Nyeri Majengo area.


Mukami said that both older and younger males from the Mt. Kenya area have drunk an excessive amount of the illegal brews.


He also said that they would no longer let illegal brews and drugs be sold in the area because these things have hurt the men there over and over again.


"Our husbands, sons, and brothers have drunk the unlawful brews for a long time, which has left many of them ignoring their obligations in their homes, and we can no longer allow this to continue," Mukami said.


"We cannot allow this to continue because it is destroying our families."


Mukami met with the women in charge of the AIPCA Mukaro diocese at Kangubiri to talk about how to help save the boys in the area. He said that women in the area no longer have children because the men use drugs and make illegal drinks.

Nyeri County Woman Representative Rahab Mukami


During Mukami's meeting with the women in charge of the AIPCA Mukaro diocese, this was talked about.


She said, "I went to Othaya hospital this week, and the doctors were upset that there weren't any pregnant women in the delivery rooms. They asked me to convince pregnant women to give birth."


"This week I went to Othaya Hospital," she said. "This week I went to Othaya hospital."


Mukami pointed out that women have been left with the burden of catering for their families by doing menial jobs while their husbands, who are supposed to be the breadwinners, report to the drinking dens every morning and spend the entire day there.


While Mukami acknowledged that the victims are full of potential to do better in society, she also pointed out that women have been left with the burden of doing so.


She also said, "To protect the boychild, I am asking the administration, the church, and the government to work together and start a campaign to get rid of the illegal brews completely."During a conference held at Kangubiri Girls' School in Nyeri County, Kenya,


She also asked that the county administration stop giving licenses to breweries that make these kinds of drinks.


On the other hand, she said that influential people from the old government were paying for the production of the brews mentioned above, so their licenses shouldn't be renewed.


A lady named Fracidia Mutahi, who is a leader, has said that they are prepared to storm into all of the brewing dens and destroy them.


She declared, "We will not be quiet any longer, and we are going to organize the Church to engage in the struggle against the use of illegal brews. We will not remain silent any longer." 

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