Bungoma Jesus, Mwalimu yesu

It just so happens that there is another god in Bungoma County, many years after the fervour around Jehovah Wanyonyi subsided. Bungoma Mwalimu Yesu claims to be the divine incarnation of Christ.

The new god, in contrast to Jehovah Wanyonyi, who said that he was the Supreme Being and was taught in places of worship, asserts that he is Jesus, the son of God.


The divine offspring of Bungoma, the man who goes by the name Mwalimu Yesu and is a father to eight children, makes his home in Tongaren, which is located in Bungoma county and is also the location of his church.


He asserts that he is the true messiah, whom God brought to the earth in order to free people from the chains that sin has imposed on them.


According to him, the scope of his ministry and mission extends beyond the county of Bungoma, which is his place of birth.


"Many people wonder whether I am the Christ or another Jesus." I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am the one who is the one.Jesus is a citizen of the whole universe. In an interview, he told Afrimax.


They marvel at his capacity to cure the ill as well as accomplish other marvels, and they hold him in very high regard among the congregation of his church.


Jesus says that the 12 disciples who help him with his mission are all related to Jacob.


"I have no doubt that this is Jesus." He provides healing and responds to our prayers, according to a statement made by a member of the church.


His wife, who goes by the name Prophet Benjamin, claims that her husband has the ability to cure those who are ill and perform other miracles.


Additionally, she is a member of the clergy who provides assistance to Mwalimu Yesu in his ministry.


"I am Prophet Benjamin. Our family consists of eight members: five boys and three girls. I have no doubt that he is the Jesus about whom we have been informed.


"When he was away, he went to arrange a spot for us to go, and now that he's returned, he's going to take us there," says the husband's wife.

"Sick individuals who are on the edge of passing away are sent here."



"But as a result of the power that Jesus has, we witness people becoming cured," she continues.


As was mentioned before, Mwalimu Yesu shows up a long time after Jehovah Wanyonyi death and his fame had died down.


Jehovah Wanyonyi's return Those who adhere to the self-proclaimed "god" who was alleged to have passed away on Saturday, July 18, 2015, have said that he would soon return with redemption and that everyone around the globe needs to be on the lookout for the big return.


After many years had passed after the man's passing, Kenyans had begun to wonder what had become of the supreme being of the Lost Israelites of Kenya Church.


This person was from Chemororoch, a town in the county of Uasin Gishu that was quiet but had a lot of people living there.


Eliab Masinde, who took over as High Priest after Wanyonyi's mysterious death and burial, told people who were curious about where Mwenye Enzi (glorified) was to pay attention to the signs of the time. 

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