Two female Itumbe Primary School teachers in Kisii arrested over boys lewd punishment viral video

Two female teachers have been detained after they were shown on film abusing two young boys at a school in Itumbe, Kisii County.

The two were taken into custody by the police and are now being processed, according to police spokesperson Resila Atieno in a statement.

"The students came from Itumbe Primary School in Kisii County's Kenyenya Sub-county. Already detained are two female teachers, "said Atieno.

After the public spoke out against the behavior and the teachers who had been watching and encouraging the scared students, they were arrested.

Two female Itumbe Primary School teachers in Kisii arrested over boys lewd punishment viral video

The boys were seen in an uncomfortable posture in the social media footage that went viral, which made viewers wonder what the circumstances surrounding the event were.

The teachers, some of whom were already in tears, laughed and seemed unconcerned by the incident.

Additionally, while it was not seen in the frame of the film, a man's voice that reports described as a teacher's could be heard giving orders to the boys.

The cops had not yet uncovered the incident's finer details.

Kenyans were outraged by what the teachers did, and most of them wanted the teachers to be punished quickly.

In what they characterized as disbelief at the teachers' indulgence in such behavior, they condemned the pair.

This video seems to have been recorded in Kisii County. Teachers may be heard taking pleasure in what they are making these students do.

"Please come out and explain what is going on, CS Ezekiel Machogu," a social media user wrote.

"Are those instructors even normal in that sad footage of Kisii County schoolchildren receiving punishment?" "That's very bad, and something has to be done," another person spoke out.


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