Bernard Musyoki and Deborah Jan Spicer exchanged vows
Bernard Musyoki, 37 and Deborah Jan Spicer, 72.

Bernard Musyoki and Deborah Jan Spicer exchanged vows and became husband and wife on February 2, 2021, at Sheria House in Nairobi.

They were not going to let this one circumstance put a damper on the greatest day of their lives, despite the fact that Musyoki was wearing a ring that was only worth Ksh. 50 and Deborah saw a ring that was pretty ancient.

Despite the fact that Deborah is over two decades his senior, Musyoki is certain that the love they have will triumph over any challenge.

"I don't get to choose who I end up falling in love with," she said. The business owner in Malindi said, "She is the perfect person, but she lives a few thousand kilometers away."

On Facebook, Musyoki, who is 37 years old, met his future bride, who is 72 years old and lives in Michigan, and the two fell in love despite multiple protests from friends and family.

"For my wedding, I spent fifty shillings on a ring, but my bride wore the one she already had." She affirmed to me that she was not bothered by the fact that I purchased a less expensive ring. According to the narration provided by Musyoki, all that she cared about was me, "her prince charming."

Two years have passed since the happy couple wed in the Attorney General's office, and the celebration of their wedding anniversary is coming up in a few days.

"On February 4, which is our anniversary, the two of us are going to travel to a hotel, and we are going to have a dinner together through video chat." "Because of the time difference, she will have lunch and I will have supper in order for us to be in sync with the time difference," he explains.

Musyoki hasn't seen his bride since June 2021, but that doesn't stop them from doing all the same things together. Most newlyweds move in together right away, but Musyoki and his bride haven't seen each other since June 2021.

"We go shopping together, go on walks together, cook together, and when I come across anything intriguing, she is the first person I want to tell about it. Since we do everything together, we are always learning new things from each other. "Because of this, our feelings for one another have deepened with each passing day," he explains.

However, every relationship has its fair share of difficulties, and theirs is no exception to this rule.

"Just like any other relationship, we have our ups and downs, and there are moments when I miss her so much." Because of the distance between you and your spouse, you aren't always aware of what they are doing. "As a result, you want as much comfort as you can receive," explains Musyoki.

He makes the point that when a couple is dedicated to one another and has faith in one another, they are able to overcome any obstacle, even geographical separation.

"I am true to myself, and I know that my wife is faithful as well since she takes care of herself." He continues, "I know how much it would hurt her, and it would be the end of our marriage." "Because of this, I cannot cheat on her."

The year 2018 was supposed to be the year when Musyoki traveled to the United States to meet his princess, but he was not granted a visa.

He says that getting a visa is a long and hard process that requires proof of the relationship between the people applying and information about their finances.

It was difficult to part ways, especially because we don't know when we'll see each other again. "She is the finest thing that has ever happened to me in my life, and I really hope that we may finally be together soon," he adds.

Musyoki thinks that long-distance relationships can work as long as both people keep in touch.

Don't allow a day to go by without communicating with one another since good communication is essential. He comes to the conclusion that "if you can satisfy each other's communication demands, you can create the illusion that your spouse isn't literally hundreds of miles away."

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