Nairobi police chief Adamson Bungei photo

In Ngara, Nairobi, a group of boda boda riders fought and knocked out a shooter as part of a failed heist.

According to the police, after the mob disarmed the gunman and claimed that he and his companions were ruining their business, they lynched him.

This is in spite of the gunman's attempt to fire into the air to frighten the riders and warn them that the object he was holding was not a toy.

The shooter was a member of a gang that was targeting and robbing passersby at the Kolobot-Wangari Maathai Road intersection on Saturday night.

On a motorcycle, the assailants may stop and ambush people for money and belongings before leaving.

Police said that after learning about the occurrences, a group of nearby boda boda riders noticed the rider and a passenger before a pursuit started.

Before a female pedestrian came and said the males had previously assaulted her and taken her cell phone, they had caught up with the culprits a few meters ahead.

At that point, one of the shooters pulled out his Czeska handgun and fired into the air to startle the motorcyclists, according to Nairobi police chief Adamson Bungei.

One of the riders was able to take the shooter's weapon, which forced the others to get off their motorcycle and try to flee on foot.

Bungei said that one of the motorcyclists was pursued, caught up with, and killed by the other riders.

Moments after they arrived, police found the men's motorbike and the 12-bullet handgun they were wielding.

The police apprehended one of the perpetrators.

The police said that they are looking into the event.

He said that it was preferable to turn suspects over to police for processing since "we oppose mob lynching."

Instances of suspects being lynched by mobs have increased throughout the nation. According to the police, up to five occurrences a week are worrying.

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