Pastor Dorcas Rigathi with Prophet Ezekiel at his Kisumu crusade photo
Pastor Dorcas Rigathi with Evangelist Ezekiel at his Kisumu crusade


When members of New Life Church in Kisumu flocked to the Kirembe grounds for a crusade led by Pastor Ezekiel Odero, who is located in Mombasa, local business owners found themselves in a fortunate position.

During the course of the three-day event, vendors and businessmen pitched structural components on both sides of the busy Kisumu-Busia highway.

Their goal was to serve the thousands of worshippers who had travelled to the lakeside city in search of "healing" and spiritual sustenance.

The event, which began on Friday, April 24, and continued through Sunday, April 26, was given the name "Kisumu healing crusade," and it resulted in a significant backup of traffic as public service trucks developed new routes to assist individuals who were heading to the event.


The pastor was also joined by Pastor Rigathi Gachagua. Multitudes flocked to the healing service at the stadium. 

Matatus, tuktuks, and boda boda drivers were observed carrying passengers from Otonglo, Kondele, and Nyamasaria, as well as the city centre, which is more than five kilometres away.

The local merchants and business owners saw a chance to make money and took advantage of it by establishing booths, stores, and restaurants in the area around the site, which was located close to the Kisumu International Airport.

Given the considerable heat and the blistering sun in Kisumu, food vendors reported bumper sales of dishes such as ugali, chapati, fish, and beans.

Meanwhile, hawkers made big sales on snacks, soft drinks, and water in an effort to cool themselves down.

Several merchants conveyed their appreciation to the evangelist for hosting the event in Kisumu and providing them with a wonderful opportunity as a result of his efforts.

Millicent Anyango expressed her gratitude to the man of God for attempting to bring them the word of God in Kisumu.

"We are so thankful to the man of God for bringing us the word of God here in Kisumu," she said.

"I came here yesterday to receive the word of God and also sell foodstuffs to the attendees."


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